Time too is money, give just that

When a poor person endures endless struggles with their life, it is not so because the universe does not wish to take care of him or her.

It happens because many of us are compelled in not sharing our timely attention to others in as much as we do to our own selves.

Let us strive to fight this compulsion posed unto us every day and be there for others, even without wealth, we still have time. It is enough too, let us give just that.

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15 thoughts on “Time too is money, give just that

  1. Great message Cezane,
    In Holy Quran, volume 4,verse1,Allah Almighty says;
    You cannot achieve the greatest level of virtue unless you give your dearest possessions for the sake of Allah.
    One of the sayings of Holy Prophet Hazart Muhammad (peace be upon him);
    Give others what you like for your self.
    There won’t be any misery if we follow these golden preachings.
    God bless you!!!!🌹🌹🌹

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  2. Time is life itself; our life in a way is the time allotted to us for living in the world. When you give time to someone wholeheartedly, you give a part of your life to that person. Nothing can be more gracious than that. Excellent post👍

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