A message to live by..

It can be understood that each one of us has a lot going on in our individual respective lives, that we may not be able to pay keen attention on how we approach, respond or communicate with others in the circle of our lives and what sort of impact it may have on them.

However it is of great importance that each one of us holds in the core of our hearts the message below and live by it every single day for the rest of our lives. We can all be the reason why someone elseโ€™s day is better, if not at least, okay. Let us do just that.

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson


59 thoughts on “A message to live by..

    1. Indeed, simple or even a few words of praise, gratitude, appreciation, compassion and kindness can really turn around someones entire day to be a good one, amazing the hidden power each one of us holds inside us and the impact it could have given that we all put it to use as much as we can, whenever we can. Thank you Kriti! Hope all is well.

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    1. This truly means a lot, to me for such compliments coming from you Samyak, delighted to have connected with you via the Blogosphere, the world is filled with remarkable and truly amazing people indeed, you remind me of that constantly by being yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. You are too kind to say this but this world has something everybody who wish to climb up that ladder of clarity. And you really rule the roast here!!
        Great and thanks for your kind words Cezane๐Ÿ’™

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  1. Social media does this thing where Iโ€™m OK before I check it and not OK once I log off. For my mental health, IG and some other platforms are less than ideal. Itโ€™s impossible to eliminate every triggering or negative post. If we did we would have nobody left to follow or friend! lol. I prefer solitude so I can focus on things I otherwise take for granted in life.

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    1. Wow, could have not said it any better, your preference to solitude is truly one that I am deep awe of. Your read made me see our life is like a show where a lot of things are going on at the stage, and we get to choose where we would like the spotlight to be at, so we may focus on the beautiful things there are and be grateful, happy about them. Thank you for taking the time to leaving such a beautiful and comment as an addition to this post. Thank you Hilary!

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      1. Embrace the JOMO, also known as joy of missing out. Iโ€™m usually disconnected from the social media world and try not to engage with it too much despite the temptation. For anyone struggling with mental health, social media is like eating a ton of junk food. It wonโ€™t make you feel very good afterwards, yet itโ€™s highly addictive. Personally, I prefer solitude because it makes me feel more connected to nature. Social media creates the illusion that we are connected to people.

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  2. Thank you, it’s means a lot those words, meaning am writing something good I believe every blogger wants to read those words, I would be delighted if you will follow my blog page, if you feel that you will read something interesting or different, your blog is a force that’s capture ones attention, maybe in the nearby future a collaboration (guess post) can comes up.

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