Why we are here..

As human beings, we hold the infinite potential and ability to do good.

We have with us intellect that is incomparable to any other creature in the universe and this gives us the power to do a lot of things, given that we put our minds into them.

Think of a world without humans, how would it be, how would it thrive, would it be better off without us..

To a certain extent, perhaps yes, as the beauty of this world all unfolds through nature, peace, calmness all through the channel of kindness the world brings forth.

Our existance, has been given unto us so as to be humans, i.e creatures who root themselves to humility and be part of this planet and its unconditional giving.

We are here to amplify kindness and strive to be humble, remember that..

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson


Love yourself and everybody benefits..

If we do not love ourselves, our life becomes a struggle, filled with negativity and depression. We come to prolonged phases where we are trying to be someone we are not and not rooting ourselves to being human.

Phases where we feel as though everything in this world is connected to you, everything is just about you and how helplessly you find yourself at a stance of getting out of life’s ‘quicksand.’

So there is less room for gestures like kindness, contentment, experiencing the true joy of living as all your efforts, mentally and physically are drawn towards getting you out of the ‘Quicksand.’ – Survivals demand.

Contrary, if you love yourself, you make you happy, you stay true to yourself, you feel good about life and there are good chances that you send good vibes to others too. You bring light to yourself and come to terms with so much beauty that there is to experience, so many good things we can focus on, so much positivism we could follow, we insight ourselves to the true victory of living.

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson

Embrace everything there is that makes you..you.

Embrace everything that makes you unique, your strength, your weakness your past, your experiences..

Even though we are all different, we all share the same purpose.. to impact others, using those things that make us different.

So what makes you, you…accept it, embrace it, better it and live by it with kindness.

Build yourself up with whatever life and this World brings unto you..

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson

Be grateful

Imagine this, you somehow find yourself stuck in an island, by yourself, on your own. In the midst of all the stress and chaos in your mind on what you should do, hunger takes a toll on you. You ought to survive and so you see a coconut tree.

You do not know how to climb a tree, and so after countless struggle and immense pressure, you finally get to the top and get yourself coconuts. Once reaching down, you realize you do not have a knife, to peel and to cut the coconut. A simple thing, a knife, you do not have one. And so you look around, search for hours, for an object you could make sharper and turn it into a knife.

After more hours of searching and eventually sharpening, you find and make one and you are then able to peel, cut the coconut so you could get its precious drink.

Today, right here right now, a knife is a few seconds away from you if not minutes. Yet we use it every day in our lives like it is merely a thing to be cherished, well, maybe it sounds funny to think of it as so, but if you learn how to appreciate these little things in life, you may just realize how precious your life is already, be gratified and find happiness.

And It is being grateful or in a state of gratitude that ‘informs’ the universe that you know what you desire already exists but beyond and above that, you are very much grateful for what you have first and so it puts you in the right frequency to get your humble self into receiving more.