Who and what you allow in your circle of life..

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Not just people but the things we consistently allow in our circle of life constantly hold the power on defining how our characters be. There are a lot of activities we encounter or follow in our day to day lives that average on how we are as individuals..

From the music we listen to, videos we watch to people we follow and be close and associate with, our sub conscious minds tend to absorb constantly, the ‘signals’ we receive from that and who we allow in our circle of life.

These ‘signals’ may affect the conscious mind in time, personality, mentality and how we even live our lives. It is of great importance that we put to practice in allowing a lot of positivism in our everyday life.

That is to say, a lot of positive minded people or activities that may keep helping us to improve in becoming better versions of ourselves, and aid in the respective pursuance of the success we are after in our lives individually, should be welcomed and followed more.

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson


A message to live by..

It can be understood that each one of us has a lot going on in our individual respective lives, that we may not be able to pay keen attention on how we approach, respond or communicate with others in the circle of our lives and what sort of impact it may have on them.

However it is of great importance that each one of us holds in the core of our hearts the message below and live by it every single day for the rest of our lives. We can all be the reason why someone else’s day is better, if not at least, okay. Let us do just that.

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson