Why we are here..

As human beings, we hold the infinite potential and ability to do good.

We have with us intellect that is incomparable to any other creature in the universe and this gives us the power to do a lot of things, given that we put our minds into them.

Think of a world without humans, how would it be, how would it thrive, would it be better off without us..

To a certain extent, perhaps yes, as the beauty of this world all unfolds through nature, peace, calmness all through the channel of kindness the world brings forth.

Our existance, has been given unto us so as to be humans, i.e creatures who root themselves to humility and be part of this planet and its unconditional giving.

We are here to amplify kindness and strive to be humble, remember that..

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson


Embrace everything there is that makes you..you.

Embrace everything that makes you unique, your strength, your weakness your past, your experiences..

Even though we are all different, we all share the same purpose.. to impact others, using those things that make us different.

So what makes you, you…accept it, embrace it, better it and live by it with kindness.

Build yourself up with whatever life and this World brings unto you..

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson

A message to live by..

It can be understood that each one of us has a lot going on in our individual respective lives, that we may not be able to pay keen attention on how we approach, respond or communicate with others in the circle of our lives and what sort of impact it may have on them.

However it is of great importance that each one of us holds in the core of our hearts the message below and live by it every single day for the rest of our lives. We can all be the reason why someone else’s day is better, if not at least, okay. Let us do just that.

#youarenotalone #humanityliveson